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Title:  Repentance (Taubah)
Description:  Lecture notes by brother Tariq
lecture notes
conditions for sincere taubah

1. quit immidiately from sinning
2. feel remorse from the sin
hadeet- remorse is repentance - authentic - musnad ahamd, bayhaqi, authenticated by sheikh albani
3. grim determination not to sin again
4. had to be done during the acceptable timeframe
hadeeth - before teh sun rises from the west - sahih muslim
- before teh sould reaches the throat - tirmidhi - hassan hadeeth
- before the searvant is on the deathbed
5. giving back peoples properties and asking them to forgive you

After repentance

2 look for rightous company
3 prayers on time, in the masjid (for men)
4 dhikr' - shaitan becomes strong when you stop the dhikr. when you are heedless
- ibn taimiya - dhikr for the heart is like water for the fish
5 1 Juz every day
6 fasting 3 days every month
7 lowering the gaze
- what you see affects your heart
Keywords:  salem al amry, qa, chatislam
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